Empowered Parenting: A Natural, Family-Centered Approach

Offered as needed on a first come, first serve basis.

Group class

Labor Support/Doula

Five weekly, 2.5 hour classes. Dates and Enrollment

Scholarships may be available for group classes to those with limited incomes.

Offered as needed. 2 classes privately and 3 with group.

Maria offers postpartum doula services for those using the HypnoBirthing® method. This includes in-home emotional support and assisting with breastfeeding, meal prep, baby care, babywearing and light house work. Postpartum doulas also provide resources and information about various parenting topics.

Postpartum Support/Doula

An independent newborn and breastfeeding class in line with the philosophy of HypnoBirthing®. Empowered Parenting takes the approach that caring for a newborn is as natural and family-centered as the birth should be.  Topics covered include:  Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding Basics, Nighttime Parenting/Sleep,  Babywearing, Cloth Diapering, The Happiest Baby on the Block, Circumcision, Vaccinations, and more.

Maria and Kerstin offer labor support for those using HypnoBirthing techniques. Have the advantage of an experienced teacher of the method at your birth!  Support includes prenatal + postpartum visits and full labor support.

Madison HypnoBirthing & Doulas.

Fertility. Pregnancy. Birth. Postpartum.

Semi-private class

Fertility Support/Doula

Not in Madison? Classes don't fit your schedule? Contact us to see how we are helping families around the world!

Classes and Services

-- $550/couple - $250 for doula clients

-- Services offered as needed: Prices vary - Contact Us!

Maria will walk through the many stages of (in)fertility with you - weather you are trying to conceive (TTC) for 6+ months all the way to years of unsuccessful IUI & IVF procedures. She will help you understand the science and the body's psychophysiological response to stress and how that impacts fertility, help you understand fertility charting and connect you to additional support if needed. You are not alone in this journey and you deserve to be supported!

private class

-- $700/couple - $400 for doula clients

-- $300/couple - FREE for full contract doula clients


-- Services provided for those using the HB method: Prices vary depending on the number of hours - Contact Us!

-- Services for those using the HB method and typically includes group HB classes and backup Doula support: Prices vary - Contact Us!

-- Services offered as needed: $80 ($60 for HB couples)